Too often, we start the new year off on the right foot all but to return to what we left in the old year. Returning to the food is absolutely okay but returning to our fleshly desires, not so much. It's less about returning to food and more about what our spirit returns to after the 21 days.


The very essence in the number of days we fast is with one intention in mind: to create a habit. That’s why after the half-way point all the way up to 21 days, your body has gotten used to the way things have been. But, what has your spirit gotten used to? Hopefully, it's grown accustomed to putting time with God first before anything else, reading The Word daily and often, and praying, among other things.


This comprehensive workbook is your tool to go beyond the 21 into cultivating the lifestyle of your spirit’s closeness with God beyond the fast.

Beyond the 21 E-Workbook