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am a grateful example of how Abba can use anyone that is yielded to His will.

Born on the island of Trinidad and raised in very humble conditions, I am continuously in awe of God's Divine plan as it unfolds in my life. 

I am honored to be the Senior Pastor (preacher girl) of a beautiful tribe of people from 28 nations in the city of New York. 

Being a Girl Preacher comes with many challenges, obstacles and opportunities too!

I am committed to sharing everything I've learned in my 30 years of ministry, with the women who are called by God to preach. Being a female minister is an honor and I believe that God has specially equipped us with influence, intuition and instinct that make us unstoppable as daughters of the King. 

I'm here to help you navigate through ministry, family, finances and even those pesky emotional issues that we all face.

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