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Once God calls one can uncall you.
Welcome to PGVS 2021

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

SCROLL down to experience over 30 of the most powerful daughters of God delivering their message. sessions are released according to schedule. 


Tatiana Nicoleau.png

Tatiana Nicoleau

Tatiana Nicoleau is a worship leader and songwriter sharing the anatomy of a worship song.

Michelle Davenport.png

From being a PK (Pastor's kid) and now the pastor of not one, but two church campuses, Michelle Davenport has got tons of insight to share on growing up in church.

Michelle Davenport

Tawana Gosley.png

Tawana Gosley

In this bonus PG Feature, fashion extraordinare, Tawana Gosley is sharing exciting fashion tips.

Real Talk Kim.png

Real Talk Kim
Real Talk Kim is an evangelist, pastor, and social media personality that will help you use your pain and fuel it into passion.

Celia Mendes.png

Celia Mendes

From Brazil to being a missionary to Mozambique, Africa, Celia Mendes is helping you find out if you're called to missions.

Hannah Williamson.png

Hannah Williamson

Hannah Willamson considers herself a "Revivalist YouTuber" and is teaching you how to use social media to turn a generation to God.

Gina Neely.png

Gina Neely

Celebrity chef, Gina Neely is sharing

how to deal with negativity in a

post-pandemic world.

Lisa McLaughlin.png

Lisa McLaughlin

In this bonus PG Feature, Lisa McLaughlin is sharing one of her most loved dessert recipes.

Danielle Wright.png

Dr. Danielle Wright

Dr. Danielle Wright is a true intercessor sharing how to start a prayer movement.

Ruth Archibald.png

Ruth Archibald

Ruth Archibald is the Chief Operating Officer of HopeNYC and is sharing her expertise.

Margaret Green.png

Margaret Green

Margaret Green is a prophetess

sharing how to know if you're

called to the office of prophecy.

Lula Harrison.png

Lula Harrison

Lula Harrison is a gyspy PG ready to

impart a powerful word about

midwives in the spirit.

Deven Wallace.png

Deven Wallace

Deven Wallace is the co-pastor of
RTTN Church releasing a prophetic word of victory.

Jackie The Educator.png

Jackie the Educator

Jackie Holbrook is the CEO of Black Christian Influencers and is sharing her best social media tips for 2021.

Danielle Ramdial.png

Danielle Ramdial

Danielle Ramdial is the associator and children's pastor of HopeNYC and principal of ARK Academy. She is sharing the best tips for mental health in a post-pandemic world.

Heather Wallace.png

Heather Wallace

Heather Wallace is a pastor and

health coach sharing how she

dropped almost 200 pounds

and how she holistically cured

her brain tumors.

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