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Join In The Treasure Hunt!

If you paid attention to your inbox and the Preacher Girl social media this week you would’ve gotten your official invitation for a chance to be featured in the upcoming Preacher Girl Hidden Treasure Anthology. This will be Preacher Girls’ first published compilation of the stories that are important to US! We are searching for the God stories that have made a profound impact on you. We want to hear about the AH-HA moments that you’ve never heard anywhere else. The Bible is FULL of hidden treasure, and we want to hear all about what you’ve found. We want you to write the things about God that changed your world, your perspective, and your life. We believe that God still speaks to us in deep and personal ways through Scripture.

The PG Anthology will be a personal and applicable tool for women who already walk with Jesus. God is telling us to come up higher, draw nearer to Him, come into the inner chamber and find what He’s left there for us. The invitation is open to everyone. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, take a stab at it! Here’s an opportunity to use your talents to inspire other PG’s just like you. The PG Anthology won’t be like a typical devotional. While the anthology will have an entry for every day of the year, we strive for every entry to dive deep into the very heart of God hidden in His Word. We believe each entry will minister to you on the day you most need it. The purpose is to create a something that is going to make us excited every single morning to dive into the word of God. It’s like finding something valuable every day.

We’re looking for revelation that increased your faith, challenged your belief, convicted your spirit or changed you in some way or the other while drawing you closer to Him. It may be something you never saw before that the Lord gave you in your own personal study that you’ve always felt led to share but didn’t have the platform to do so. We want to read the stories that affected you to the point that you feel like it can affect someone else.

You can find all the necessary requirements for submitting your story right here. I can’t wait to read all about the treasure you’ve found!

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