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Come To The Throne

Have you ever been in the presence of royalty? I’m fascinated by the modern British royalty and its customs. Over the last couple of years, I’ve watched their weddings, babies births’, and coronations and wished I could be there to experience it for myself. It’s something about the rituals and the history and the smartly dressed crowds.

At King Charles’ coronation, he solemnly sat on a large wooden throne that has been used to crown Britain’s royalty for the last 700 years.

As he sat on that uncomfortable, unupholstered chair for the duration of the ceremony, I realized that he’ll never sit on it again. His royal duties are best done sitting behind a desk on a plush office chair. But just because he doesn’t sit on an actual throne, doesn’t negate his royalty. His title and authority go with him. He’s not just the king in Buckingham Palace. He’s the king wherever he goes. History and art might depict God’s throne as a great chair as well. However, the Bible tells us His throne is a holy place. A place where His presence dwells, where perpetual worship exists. It’s important to know that His throne is not in a set geographical location. According to Ezekiel chapter 10, His throne moves. Wherever His throne is, that’s His holy place.

No matter where the king is, whether sitting in his palace or paying an official state visit to another country, royal protocol must be followed. When coming into King Charles’ presence, you must bow or curtsy a certain way. You might present gifts with a ceremonial flourish. You probably wouldn’t show up to meet him in what you wore to the pool, you’d want to look your best! In the same manner, just as we must prepare to go into the presence of our Heavenly King. You must come to His throne rightly. When you get the invitation to enter His presence, you need to prepare. When you go to visit the King, you have to know how to honor Him.

Luckily, the Bible tells us how we need to prepare to approach God’s throne. Hebrews 4:16 tells us come boldly to His throne. Psalm 100:4 tells us to enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise! So first, we see the order that we need to come. First, through His gates with thanksgiving. This means we thank Him for who He is, expressing our gratitude for His kindness and steadfast love. Next, we come into His courts with praise. What is praise? Praise is recognition for what God has done for us. We give Him all the credit! Thanksgiving and praise are not gifts that we give to God. Rather, they are the garments we wear as we prepare to approach His throne. He has issued an invitation to us to come to His throne and He’s told us how He wants us to come. Today, Preacher Girl, know that you have a royal invitation to approach His throne. His throne is where His presence is. Give thanks to Him; bless His name and approach His throne boldly.

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