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Get Up and Persist!

It’s the very last day of June 2023. Six months have flown by. We were just ringing in the new year and looking forward to all the great things the year had to offer us. What have you done in the first half of 2023? Look back at that list you made on January 1st. You had lofty intentions, big dreams, glorious goals. How many did you accomplish? How many of those boxes have you checked off? If you’re like me, not very many.

When you look back at what you wanted to do and realize you haven’t done any of it, how does that make you feel? We’ve always been taught that with enough determination, you can accomplish anything so of course when you haven’t accomplished something, you feel like a failure. Most of us count it as a lost cause and give up. A once shining dream gets lost, put away on a shelf full of aspirations we once had. Preacher Girls, as women, we’re often used to helping others achieve their goals while pushing our own off to the side. We’re used to putting ourselves last because being a mama, a wife, or an employee comes first. Now, this isn’t a put yourself first/selfcare blog, rather it’s a message to get up and persist.

In 2008 Heather Dorniden competed in the Big Ten Indoor Track Championship, a prestigious college event. Dorniden, a senior track and field athlete at the time was competing in the 600-meter race, which was expected to be a close contest amongst the top competitors. As expected, when the race started, Dorniden and the other runners jostled for position at the starting line. As they approached the bell lap, Dorniden stumbled and fell. Every other runner shot past her as she lay on the floor, one even leaping over her as though she was a hurdle. For most runners that would have been license to walk off the track and be done with the race. But Dorniden quickly got to her feet and took off running. She didn’t want to let her teammates down. She ran and overtook the second to last runner, then she continued until she had passed every single winner to, unbelievably, WIN the whole race.

Her story is example of tenaciousness, willpower, and diligence. And PG, it’s an example of how we should approach those goals that we’ve given up on because we think we can’t accomplish them at so late in the year game. Remember, the message today is to get up and persist. As of today, you have six months to do what is impossible in your eyes, but we know that with God all things are possible. You can look at your year as “oh no, the year is almost over,” or “oh yes the year has just begun.” Do you know that Dorniden won her race by just one second? A win is a win. You might win by just one second, but you’re going to win PG. Get up and persist and use the next six months to make 2023 a winning year!

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