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Heart Surgery

Preacher Girls, if you had the opportunity to join our R.I.O.T. (Revival in Our Time) services last week at HopeNYC either in person or online, how blessed were you??? We heard from some the most anointed men and women on the planet. What an amazing time we had lifting the name of Jesus over our city!

Bishop Kevin Wallace kicked off the week with Dimensions of the House.

Pastor Deven Wallace led the Reign Gathering all over Lower Manhattan to pull down spiritual strongholds.

Pastor Jason Ramdial filled the house with the sound of RUSH and let us know it’s okay to be a single drop of water without a name.

Lightning struck as Pastor Michelle Davenport lit up the room despite not having a voice.

Pastor Amanda Crabb admonished us to get up and get out! Our weaknesses are made perfect in God’s strength.

And finally, Pastor Aaron Crabb revived some dead things in us. We are not quitting in this final chapter.

On Wednesday night, Pastor Cycelia Matthews REALLY let the fire of the Holy Spirit loose and a miraculous thing happened. She stood in as the nurse to the Great Physician, Jehovah Raphe and He performed major heart surgery on us.

PG’s there probably isn’t one of us who hasn’t suffered some form or degree of trauma. Trauma affects our heart; it causes us to experience life differently. No matter what stage in life your trauma happened – as a child, adolescent, or as an adult – the ramifications of it can be long reaching and lingering and causes us to address situations in our present from the perspective of our past hurt. Pastor Cycelia calls this arrested development, when we respond from the place of trauma. However, God has a plan to heal YOU PG, because healed people go on to HEAL PEOPLE.

God’s heart for you is so tender that He does not want you to hurt. So, the first step in heart surgery is to administer anesthesia. He puts you to sleep. The anesthesia is to ensure you don’t feel what’s happening. The work God is going to do on your heart, you may not feel it, but rest assured, He’s doing it. Next, God cracks open your chest to see what’s there. When we experience trauma, the things God put in there, the things He made you with, get damaged or even destroyed. When God looks at your heart, He may not see what He originally put there. Then He goes on to fix it.

Oh, but the WAY He fixes your heart…PG, this will blow your mind! God doesn’t just sew up the cut He made when He opened your chest. He uses invisible stitches and sews up the original cut. Did you catch that? I’ll say it again, God sews up the ORIGINAL CUT. I had to hear that twice myself before it sunk in. God mends the place of the original hurt. That means He heals you of the original trauma. Furthermore, He uses invisible stitches. You won’t even see where He stitched you up. It will be as though the cut was never there. It will be as though your trauma never happened, that’s how completely He’s going to heal you. Can you understand how HUGE that is?? From someone who has gone through a fair deal of trauma of my own, to know that God has healed me completely and wholly – I am SO GRATEFUL! What a freedom there is in knowing that the things that plagued you in the past can no longer do so! The place of trauma you operated from doesn’t exist anymore! Instead, you get to respond from a place of healing.

Our healing is ensured when we trust in Jehovah Raphe. I am reminded of Cody Carnes’ song Run To The Father and these particular lyrics:

I run to the Father I fall into grace I'm done with the hiding No reason to wait My heart needs a surgeon My soul needs a friend So I'll run to the Father Again and again.

Let your prayer today be:

Create in me a clean heart Lord. Heal me completely of all my past hurt so that I in turn will help others heal. I run to You, Abba, knowing You are the only one who can fix me. I trust in You and I am thankful for the work You’re doing on me.

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Thank God that He Loves Me so much! 😭❤️ #I’mHealed

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