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Hineni - Here I Am

Abraham said it first…

Moses said it in response to hearing the voice of God from a burning bush…

Samuel said it while lying near the ark of covenant…

They all had the same one-word response Hineni. When translated in its simplest form means “Here I am!” However, Hineni is a pure, astonished, unguarded affirmation given before all the facts are known. That means you’re saying yes to something that hasn’t been asked yet. It is a spontaneous, unequivocal commitment promising: “I am here”, where and as you found me, fully attentive, focused, all in. And even more, “I am here”- all of me, with all that I am and all that I can be. Hineni is not particularly positional. It means “Here I am, I’m over here, look at me, I’m listening, whatever you ask I’ll do it.

Say it with me PG – Hineni, (hee-nay-knee) – it’s you saying, “here I am Lord, on my knees.” Hineni is a response to a call of God. It’s an answer to whatever God has in store for you. You see a Hineni response is not an easy one. It’s going to cost you something. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son. Moses was asked to be Israel’s deliverer. Samuel was asked to deliver unfavorable prophecies to the recipients. Hineni is about love and obedience. But Preacher Girl, if you give God your Hineni response, if you show up for Him, He will show up for you. In Isaiah 65:1 God says,

“I was sought by those who did not ask for Me, I was found by those who did not seek Me. I said, ‘Hineni, hineni!’ to a nation not called by My Name.”

We are not outside of God’s favor. If you give God your Hineni, He gives you His Hineni. And that is SUCH a huge deal! You WANT God to be there for you!

God is looking for a Hineni response. God is looking for someone who will go through something and STILL show up! He’s looking for the one who got up and persisted. Be the kind of person who, like Moses, will turn aside to give all their attention to God. In response to His call “Who will go for us?” He’s looking for you, PG, to say Hineni.

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