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Jesus Isn't Lost

I love the gospel of Luke. It’s where the most beautiful account of the Nativity story is written. It also gives accounts of Jesus’ life not told in any other biblical text, particularly about His childhood. In Luke chapter 2, we read about twelve-year-old Jesus being unintentionally left behind at the temple in Jerusalem while His parents Mary and Joseph journeyed back home. Once they realized their Son was missing, they hurried back to Jerusalem and discovered Him sitting among the rabbis in the temple listening to them teach and asking questions. Like any parent, they were agitated, saying to Him, “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you.” His response is something you might not expect from the Son of God, because it seems like He’s responding defiantly. “Why were you searching for me?” He asked. “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”

In Jesus’ mind, He wasn’t lost. His parents should’ve known where to find Him. They should’ve known that He would be in the holy temple, a place where the presence of His Heavenly Father is. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to His parents to find Him in the middle of the teachers. His response to His parents when they found Him was Him essentially saying, if you ever lose Me, you must know where I am. I must be where My Father is. Preacher Girl, for those of you who feel He is lost, or that He is far from you, He says why are you searching frantically? Don’t you know He’ll be where His Father’s business is? Where is His Father’s business? In His Father’s house, in His church. Today, if you’re feeling far from Him, I dare you to walk into the house of God. The Bible tells us to not forsake the assembling of ourselves. If you feel like you’ve lost Jesus, make it your duty to get to a church where Jesus is in the center of it all. Get right in the middle of Jesus minded people and you’ll find Him.

Another thing to note about Jesus’ time at the temple, He was humbling Himself to authority. See, even as a young boy, the divine Son of God knew who He was. He was still the all-knowing, all-powerful God in the flesh, yet He humbled Himself to the teaching of those who were in the temple. Jesus, even being who He was, had to learn obedience. He had to learn to respond to those who would teach Him even if they couldn’t teach Him everything He needed to know. The rabbis wouldn’t be able to teach Him how to carry a rugged cross. They couldn’t teach Him how to walk on water or how to heal Jairus’ daughter. The knowledge that they COULD pour into Him, He had to learn how to receive it. In the same manner, PG, we must also learn how to submit to those in authority over us. We have to learn to receive wisdom from those appointed and anointed to pour into us.

You know you’ve been called to do something great on the earth before Jesus comes. You might be waiting to live out the calling over your life. It seems like you’ve been waiting a long time. Know that you’re not just waiting, you’re in a season of preparation. There’s something you need to learn. So, if you’re still waiting, that means there’s something you haven’t learned yet. Twelve-year-old Jesus needed to be prepared for the redemptive assignment He carried out on the earth. In His adolescence maybe He felt ready to begin His ministry yet it wasn’t His time. His twelve-year-old body couldn’t have hung on a cross. He needed to grow, to learn, and wait for His time. The ability to discern the time is more important than all the wisdom He had. So, don’t despise the waiting PG. You might be in a position where you see others accelerate in their calling ahead of you, but know that once God calls you, He won’t uncall you. Jesus isn’t lost and neither is your assignment. Find Him in His Father’s house and be encouraged in this waiting season.

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