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Not For One Minute Was I Forsaken

Forsaken is a desolate word. It means to leave alone, to depart from, to desert, to abandon, to apostatize, to ignore…It invokes a desperate feeling of forgottenness and of neglect. As a woman I know you’ve experienced a moment or even a season of time where you have felt utterly alone. It is a void in where we feel no one else can penetrate.

But, in Isaiah chapter 49 we have this really beautiful promise from Adonai where He says simply in verse 15 “I will not forget you.” WHAT!? Did you hear that daughter? ADONAI, creator of heaven and earth, Lord of all things, will not forget YOU. He likens it to a mother deserting her nursing child. But even that fierce motherly love cannot compare to God’s love for you. It’s easier for a mom to desert her child than for God to desert you. His Word in Psalm 27 says that even if mother and father forsake you, Adonai will take you in.

God says that your name is engraved in the palms of His hands. The scars in His hands bear your name. Like doubting Thomas who insisted on seeing the nail marks in Jesus’ hands in order to believe that He had been resurrected, it is only when we see the scars in His palms do we recognize Him. But hear this PG, when Jesus sees the scars in His hands, He sees YOU. Our connection to Him is visible in the marks that He carries. He was wounded for our transgressions, and He was bruised for our iniquities. The problem is that we aren’t used to that kind of reckless love. We’re so used to being ill-treated, abandoned, ignored, and forgotten that the magnitude of this kind of love is lost on us. We’re so used to feeling unworthy of love that when we’re faced with PERFECT love, we have a hard time accepting it.

His love depends on just one thing. He makes a declaration in verse 18 – “As I live.” His promise of love is only dependent on the fact that He lives. He said to tell Zion:

I have not forsaken you.

I have not left you

I have not lost you

I have not departed from you

I have not left you behind

I have not left you alone

I have not abandoned you

I have not apostatized you

I have not forgotten you

I have not ignored you

My love for you has not withered.

Rest today in His promise PG. Wait for Adonai. Be strong, let Your heart take courage, and wait for Adonai.

PG Preacher Feature

RIOT PG Pastor Amanda Crabb

Known for her distinctive message delivery and Holy Spirit filled personality, Pastor Amanda Crabb first ministered to the PG community in 2021 at the Preacher Girl Conference. Introduced by fellow PG Pastor Deven Wallace, Pastor Sharo describes their relationship as one that feels like they’ve known each other for decades. Since then, she has been an integral part of the PG ministry. Pastor Amanda offers fresh insight into the Word of God and is fearless in the message she carries.

Find her this March as part of HopeNYC’s Revival In Our Time (R.I.O.T.) services. PG’s if you can make plans to be in NYC at any point between March 12th-17th, you will want to be a part of R.I.OT. Find more information at

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