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Prepare for Pride Month

If you’ve been paying attention to the media recently, you might have noticed retailer Target has come under huge criticism for their product line for pride month (no typos here, I refuse to use capital letters on a term that is NOT a proper noun). The intended targets (pun intended) of the items? Children. Babies. Adolescents. We’re seeing bathing suits with “tuck away” technology for little boys. Crop tops emblazoned with “LIVE, LAUGH, LESBIAN.” Pins stamped with “Satan respects pronouns.” The flamboyant display of merchandise has been placed at the front of Target stores, right in the face of anyone who walks in. When did it become okay to push this agenda of who to have sex with on our children? While my words are harsh, it is the truth of the message that is being propagated. A belief system is being forced down our children’s throats and it’s a system that is unholy. My 4-year-old will swear by applesauce until I buy a case of it and suddenly, he doesn’t like it anymore. He doesn’t know what he likes or wants from one minute to the next. Feelings are transient for him. Within the parameters of the LGBTQ+ agenda and inclusivity, there is a demonic spirit coming straight for our children and we need to be prepared to face and destroy it. As Christians, we love all people, including members of the LGBTQ+ community, but we do not agree with their beliefs which stand in direct defiance of God’s Word.

In 2 Kings 11 we see a parent with an agenda to kill. Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel is a murderous spirit. Because of her thirst for power and authority, she kills the heirs to the throne and sets herself up as the ruler. She would’ve killed off the entire bloodline except for one brave Aunty. Jehosheba is the wife of the high priest and the late kings’ sister. She sees Athaliah killing off her nieces and nephews and acts. She secrets away one year old Joash, who is the last remaining legitimate heir, and hides him in the House of Adonai. For six years she hides him and until her husband Jehoiada finally reveals him to the Levite priests of the temple. Aunty Jehosheba had hidden the monarch before his unveiling. She protected him and raised him in God’s house. Parents, your mandate is to protect the next generation of monarchs. Hide them in God’s house before their unveiling. Raise them up in the way that they should grow, according to the Word of God.

Jehoiada sends armed men of God to three places: the gates, the palace, and the foundation gates. These strategic points point us to three specific prayer mandates over our children this month. The gates represent the things that come in and go out, the things our children watch and listen to. Be vigilant about what they’re watching on tv, seeing on social media, and who they’re communicating with. The palace is where the king resides, and this is where the men and women God should surround the monarch on all sides. Leave no room for the enemy to touch your child. The foundation gates represent what we teach our children. In a world where information of all kinds is readily accessible, know what your children are being taught. Preacher Girl, commit to praying with us every single day this June in these three ways to cover the children in your life. As parents we must stand up and say, “YOU are not allowed to force my child to be anything except who God created HIM or HER to be.” Even if you have not birthed children, there are nieces, nephews, godchildren, friends’ babies, and kids church students to cover. PG, your voice STILL matters in the lives of the children, and we must be ready to protect them from what the enemy has planned.

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