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Speak Lord, Your Servant Is Listening

In my entire life (almost 40 years!), I can remember exactly four vivid dreams. That averages about one dream per decade. One was so impactful that it’s hard to believe I was only six years old when I had it. As I’ve gotten older, the details of the dream have faded but, I can never forget the general feeling of despair that the dream cast upon my subconsciousness. I dreamt that my dad was taken away from me in such a sudden way, I woke up in a panic. As a six year old, having that feeling is disturbing. Perhaps it was a warning. Just a year later, my dad and my mom separated, and my mom and I moved to another country. I scarcely saw my dad after that and he died a few years later, utterly alone.

Dreams were given by God to communicate with us. The Bible tells us that in the last days He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh; That old men will dream dreams, and young men will see visions. God said that He would pour out His Spirit on men and women alike. No one is exempt from hearing from God through dreams. Now whether we know what a dream is saying or not could be a dilemma. What’s the use you get a dream from God and can’t decipher what it means? Don’t you want to know exactly what God is saying to you?

One thing I know, the famous dream interpreters in the Bible didn’t interpret them on their own accord. Daniel and Joseph always asked God to reveal the meaning of a dream to them before they spoke the interpretation. He’ll do the same for you if you ask. Pastor Sharo is one of those individuals that has the supernatural gift of dream interpretation. She’s interpreted hundreds, maybe thousands of dreams for people from all walks of life and a vast age range. In the podcast How To Interpret Dreams, Pastor Sharo shares insight on how this gift works. 

As you dive into this informative podcast, we have a fantastic tool to use alongside it. The Dreams to Remember journal is an exclusive journal written by Pastor Sharo to help you catch hold of the things that God desires to make available to you while you sleep. The journal is specifically and intentionally designed to refresh your mind with details from your dreams that you might otherwise overlook but may be key to its interpretation. Use the podcast and the journal to steward your dreams. Preacher Girls, let’s hang on to every single thing God has to say in this season in whatever avenue he chooses to speak it. I pray that when you sleep, Jehovah Shalom would give you perfect rest and that His Spirit would speak to your spirit.

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