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The Late Blessing

Preacher Girl, if you could identify one thing that you’ve desperately wanted and waited for, what would it be?


Some of you have hoped for a husband, your dream house, a financial settlement, or a family for the longest time. You’ve prayed that the situation at your job would turn around. You’ve pleaded with God for your prodigal child to come home. We know what wanting something for a long time feels like. We’ve been through periods of mourning and desperate seeking with the Lord. Thankfully His Word tells us that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. That means the season of wanting you’re going through will have an end.


That season might not end at the time you wanted it to. That blessing you’ve been waiting for might not come when you expected it. However, if God promised it, He is not one that He should lie. In Job 42:12, it says that the Lord blessed Job’s later days more than He had blessed him previously. Job was the recipient of a late blessing. Job was already a blessed man; he had found favor in the eyes of God. Even after Job lost his livestock, livelihood, and family, he worshipped God. The Bible tells us that he tore his clothes, covered himself with ashes, yet still honored God. When you see people amid their grief, that’s when you see what they’re made of. You choose how you react to grief, but never, ever dishonor God.


The late blessing is not the same as a delayed blessing. A delayed blessing means something is blocking it. A late blessing will come when we don’t expect it, at a time we haven’t asked. Today, PG, know that the late blessing is on the way. The late blessing is intentional, not incidental. The blessing is already established. The day is already set for your blessing. GOD ALREADY APPOINTED THE TIME TO BLESS YOU! That’s HUGE PG! So, right now while it might seem that you’re waiting in vain, don’t give up right before God is about to show up!  


I think the most amazing part to know about the late blessing is that it’s a legacy blessing. It’s not just for you, it’s for the generations to come after you! For your children and your children’s children. And yes, daughter, you’re included in the inheritance. In Job 42, Job broke from tradition and included his daughters in the inheritance. Usually, just sons are included in the father’s inheritance, but Job extended the grace God had given him to his girls. How much more so will our Father extend His gifts to include us PG’s? Today, my prayer is that you continue to hold on and wait on the late blessing and I remind you that you are a legitimate part of God’s inheritance.

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