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The PG Virtual Summit

An event that was started to connect with Preacher Girls during the COVID pandemic has become an annual staple in the PG community. The Preacher Girl Virtual Summit is one of those events that you attend and can’t help but think, how does something like this even happen? The Virtual Summit gives us access to prolific Preacher Girls from all over the world. Not only ministers of the gospel, but women preaching the gospel through unconventional means.

This year the Summit happens from August 24th-25th, and consists of exclusive workshops, masterclasses, sermons, and even worship sessions. The content in the Summit cannot be found anywhere else. During these two days, we connect with each other via social media as we view and discuss the various speakers in the comfort of our own homes. Despite being completely online, the sense of community and the anointing of the Holy Spirit is still evident.

This year’s speakers are truly a handpicked group. You’ll hear from Candice Coffey, founder of EverBe Cosmetics, makeup with a kingdom purpose.

Misti Sammons will divulge a beautiful story of finding joy in the face of tragedy and loss.

Lois Fray talks entrepreneurship in creativity.

Worship leader Stephanie Gunther has one of the most anointed voices you’ll ever hear.

You won’t believe how many things Kalei Graham juggles in her ministerial life, and she does it with grace and poise.

These are all PG’s who are proving that you don’t need a pulpit, you just need a message.

Can you believe this amazing event is completely FREE? You just have to register to get your access link. Other virtual summits charge hundreds of dollars for access to just a handful of content. The PG Virtual Summit gives you over THIRTY different sessions at no charge. It’s two full days of content that will change your life forever. Are you ready to plug in PG?

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