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Yeshua Did This

If you’ve paid attention in recent weeks to social media, you’ve heard of the Asbury University Revival. The spontaneous movement began as a simple yearning to stay in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Students attending their weekly mandatory chapel service at the Christian university just never left. Their actions sparked a massive outpouring of nonstop worship, praise, and prayer. Asbury University is no stranger to revivals, having hosted several them, the last most prominent one occurring in 1970. What is unique about the 2023 revival is the incredible exposure due to social media. Students started posting videos and photos of the non-stop overflow of the Spirit and they went viral. The event was even picked up by secular news outlets. Believers have flocked to Wilmore, Kentucky where the school is located just to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Image Source: Julie Roys

Another noteworthy aspect of this revival is the lack of celebrity leadership. The revival is purely student-lead. The university has had to turn away offers of prominent worship leaders and pastors to come in and “help lead” the revival. They have been told they are welcome to come and experience the move of God, but the students have it under control. There is no program and no mega-church evangelist. No one is getting credit for this revival except Yeshua! Asbury University Chaplain JD Walt said “Jesus is the only celebrity here. No one even remotely considers the names of anyone in leadership here. They are not unseasoned just unknown. Incredible humility characterizes this whole move.” The Asbury Revival happened because Yeshua did it!

The global church is desperate for Revival. We’re yearning for His Spirit to just overpower us. God promised us in His Word that in the last days that He would pour His Spirit out on all people. He’s promised us fresh oil and new wine. Through His servant Pastor Sharo, He’s said that the new wine He is giving us is Special Reserve. Unless you’re a wine connoisseur, that term means nothing to you. Wines labelled as a Special Reserve are more rare, more expensive, and more sought after. The only way to know what makes a bottle of Special Reserve special, is to call the vineyard. In other words, you’d have to ask the MAKER of the wine.

In the miracle at Cana, Jesus is at a wedding feast and CATASTROPHE, the wine runs out before the party ends. We don’t know whose wedding it is. We don’t know how or if Jesus was related to the family, but His mother comes to Him to tell Him the wine has run out. If there was no wine, the family would be disgraced. Jesus instructs the servants to pour the water out of the stone jars used for the Jewish custom of purification. Out of the water jars come wine. And not just any wine, the best wine! The Special Reserve. The master of the feast even rebukes the bridegroom saying “Everyone brings out the good wine first, and whenever they are drunk, then the worse. But you’ve reserved the good wine until now!” The best wine happened because Yeshua did it!

Today, PG, know that Revival is here. It is a glorious outpouring on sons and daughters hungry to dwell in the Spirit. God is not pouring what we’ve become accustomed to, He said it’s time for the Special Reserve. You don’t want to miss this. Be thirsty for His wine. Yeshua is doing something in this season and it’s exciting to witness!!! This is the time we have been waiting for PG’s! Drink of the Special Reserve.

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Fresh Oil, new Wine! We want your spirit poured out Lord! #revival

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